Yellow River Homestay

Only a short trip from Machu Picchu, watch as I take you on a tour of Yellow River homestay and their farm. 

Just some of the amazing fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbal medicine that's grown around Yellow River and a few kms away at their farm. 

My Self Guided Journey From Yellow River to Machu Picchu

Cruises, large group travel, strict itineraries, all inclusive resorts, they never really captured my wonder. I've always been a kid who just wanted to grab a backpack, my pocket knife, an apple and go exploring. I read a quote before my trip that stuck with me and created a philosophy for how I traveled throughout my journey and will travel the rest of my life:   

The draw back to a trip too well-planned, is that it does not leave enough room for adventure
— Vilhjalmur Stefansson