Let's start from the beginning. When I was a kid, growing up in a small town outside of Columbus, OH, I was always curious to see what was around the corner. I used to take day trips with my pocket knife to wild destinations beyond the backyard, or so I felt at the time. I guess that wanderer's spirt has always stuck with me. 

I knew I wanted to see more, but how? I wanted adventure and to be challenged, but where would I find that? I wanted to make an impact, but why? I had all these feelings inside but they were just idel goals because of unknown fear. There's no way I could travel for an extended period of time, plus, you're suppose to postpone that part of life for when you get rich or retire, right? 

Unlike most stories you hear about people quitting their job, giving their boss the middle finger and walking out, I truly enjoyed my position and the relationships that were built while I was at JackThreads. I was a part of something special and that will always stay with me. 

My trip is the first time in my life I really went for something. I mean really wanted it to where the world was going to get out of my way and help me get there, and it did. 

My plan is to circumnavigate the globe in one year. The first part of my trip I'll be biking on Ms. Jamis (my bike) from Lisbon to St. Petersburg. From there I'll be heading east and following the weather. 

There's a lot people that've been put in my path to get me to the airport on May 24th, but none of which would have been possible without a dear friend and mentor to me, Herńan Giraldo. He gave me the confidence to make my dream of traveling the world a reality. I finally realized that fear puts a limit on your life. He taught me not to let fear dictate your path. Thanks my man, I'll be forever grateful.

Hopefully my site shares a little insight of what it's like on the road. Wish me safe travels.