What Travel Teaches Me (a running list)

1.) I thought being comfortable equaled success. I was wrong. Being uncomfortable brings far more success and happiness over time.

2.) We all want the same things (health, happiness, opportunity, and the ability to take care of our family). We're more alike than different. But we're also different. 

3.) I am the minority. 3 in 7 people in this world are Asian. The world is global, and we're a small part of it.

 "We had our day mate"

-white male Serengeti traveler from Australia  

4.) I am an American, Ohioan... but also a global citizen. 

5.) Fear is self manufactured, it's within and not real.  

6.) Traveling makes you be the best version of yourself because you're often so dependent on other people. This is especially true when on a bike, in the middle of no where.

7.) Solitude. Still waters run deep. Traveling alone allows you to pause and disconnect from frequencies that would normally get the better of you. You can't help but listen to your inter compass and "pay attention to the  omens". Maktub. 

8.) I'm happiest when moving with a purpose, but I can be just as happy moving without one.

9.) Prioritize travel. It’s learning. You wouldn’t tell someone to stop learning after high school. It enriches my life. 

10.) Traveling is the best geography lesson. It’s an even better history lesson. 

11.) There's many ways to participate and pursue happiness. It took me traveling to figure out. 

12.) Tourist scams happen, but it’s more likely to be a miscommunication between you (me) and the local.   

13.) You tip your local bar tender at home $1 drink. Please don’t negotiate over 50 cents for a hand crafted local product that you really want. 

14.) Am I up for the challenge? Am I willing to be uncomfortable? If not, I'm on vacation. 

15.) Travel is the truest form of living. It's how you show your appreciation to the rest of the world. 

16.) Back in 2014 when I was creating an itinerary to travel around the world, I found myself wanting to plan everything down to the smallest detail because of fear. After stumbling upon this quote in an Explorers Club book, I realized, 1.) it's impossible to plan like that 2.) it's boring b/c you know what's happening next. The quote has helped me breakthrough wanting to make the "perfect decision" and seek out serendipity.

"The drawback to a journey that has been too well-planned is that it does not leave enough room for adventure."

-Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Artic explorer